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All the tools you need to start building a modern WordPress project, using all the latest front end development tools.
Get Started
A WordPress boilerplate from the future
Eightshift Development kit makes building complex WordPress themes and plugins painless. Use and extend our block and component collection to build out dynamic Gutenberg blocks. Extract commonly-used UI elements into reusable components. Forget about block registration and save callbacks. Build a REST route in minutes. You'll never want to go back.
Get started in minutes, not hours
Boilerplate your project in a few simple steps. Get instructions for setting up an Eightshift Development kit theme or plugin, run a command (or two) and start coding. It's that easy!
Unmatched developer experience
Custom Block Editor blocks
Build a dynamic block faster than you can say Gutenberg. With automatic block registration and top-notch attribute handling, you'll be shipping blocks in record time.
Sustainable, like code should be
All our code follows battle-tested programming practices. OOP? Check. Unit tests? Check. Code docblocks, linters for coding standards and great documentation? Triple check.
OOP: The good way to write PHP code
Object-oriented programming is at the core of Eightshift Development kit, making your projects cleaner and allowing you to extend and replace functionality.
wp boilerplate
Include features you need, and leave out the ones you don't using our powerful WP-CLI tooling.
First-class CSS variables
Forget about conditional classnames: build out CSS variables from attribute values and scope them to a particular block with almost no code.
A build process to love
Eightshift Development kit comes with Webpack preconfigured, so you can start building your JavaScript and CSS assets from the start. Vendor prefixes? Polyfills? SCSS compilation? Asset minification? All taken care of!
As responsive as it can get
Declare breakpoints once, use them everywhere — from media queries to blocks. Override any attribute value for particular breakpoints without breaking a sweat. Need to tweak that width for tablets? Done.
Cache busting
Each time you build assets, we generate a new URL for each asset file. This means you'll never see the old cached version while developing or after pushing your code to production.
Eightshift Libs
Library aimed at bringing the modern development tools to your project.
Eightshift Frontend Libs
A collection of useful front-end utility modules and all the tools you need to start building modern Block Editor dynamic blocks.
An editing experience content editors will love
Provide the ease of use and flexibility that your content editors crave for. Rely on our user-friendly default blocks or use plug&play editor components to build great experiences.
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