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The PHP codebase of this project lives in EightshiftLibs namespace.

Because WordPress lives in a global namespace, we had to provide the way for your project to be unique. That is why we implemented Imposter in composer.json. Imposter adds a namespace prefix to all the packages inside the vendor folder that use namespacing.

You can change the vendor prefix in your composer.json file. If you do this, make sure you delete the vendor folder and re-run composer install.

Using the default setup, your project will have the namespace you defined in the setup process.

However, let's say you change your composer.json file to contain this snippet:

"autoload": {
"psr-4": {
"CustomProject\\": "src/"
"extra": {
"imposter": {
"namespace": "EightshiftBoilerplateVendor"
  • Your current namespace is: CustomProject.
  • Namespace for Eightshift Libs becomes: EightshiftBoilerplateVendor\EightshiftLibs.
  • Every package you additionally install will follow the same convention: EightshiftBoilerplateVendor\SomePackageNamespace.

To sum it up: you don't need to change the default vendor prefix if you only run one theme or one plugin with Eightshift Development Kit. If you have multiple Eightshift Development Kit-powered themes or plugins installed, please change the vendor prefix on each of the projects.

Important note

If you are installing additional composer packages, make sure that they don't have any inline namespace usage. All referenced classes should be imported with use statements, which must be defined at the top of files.

The Imposter plugin is not able to replace inline namespaces, which will cause issues with classname resolution and result in a fatal error getting thrown.

To fix these issues, either create a PR on the package and fix this for everyone, or exclude this package from imposter script. Keep in mind that can have some unexpected side effects that we can't predict.