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Manifest class is located in Eightshift Libs. To extend it, use Eightshift_Libs\Manifest\Manifest class.

In the build process, Webpack creates all static files and also manifest.json inside the public folder. The manifest file contains a key/value list that we use to call the location of the assets dynamically.

This class is used to provide manifest.json file location and helpers to return the full path for a specific asset.

How to use it?

The manifest class provides a filter name that is defined in the lib as a class constant. To apply/call this filter you need to provide Manifest::MANIFEST_ITEM_FILTER_NAME filter name inside the project config helper. Config helper is used to append project prefix to a filter name.



"logo.svg": "/wp-content/themes/eightshift-boilerplate/public/logo.svg"


use Eightshift_Libs\Manifest\Manifest;

$logo_img = apply_filters( Config::get_config( Manifest::MANIFEST_ITEM_FILTER_NAME ), 'logo.svg' );