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Blocks Structure


In order for the library to work and register blocks dynamically, a specific folder structure and naming must be followed.

Your folder structure should like this:

|____ src
| |____blocks
| | |____assets
| | |____components
| | |____custom
| | |____layout
| | |____wrapper
| | |____manifest.json

In the case you need to override the default way styles and scripts are enqueued, you'd extend the class-enqueue.php, and in the case you need to override or extend the default way blocks are behaving, you'd extend the class-blocks.php inside your theme/plugin.

Blocks folder

This folder contains all the Block Editor blocks defined in your project. Each block is located in the custom folder, and every component is located in the components folder. Block Editor blocks are comprised of one or more smaller components.


This folder contains all the additional javascript, images, fonts and style functionality for the blocks that you only need to use on the front-end and in the editor (admin).


This folder contains all the components that are shared across blocks. Components are not registered as blocks.


This folder contains all the custom Block Editor blocks defined and used in your project.


This folder contains all other layout elements such as header or footer. Each layout part goes in its own folder, and they contain PHP, JS and SCSS files.


This folder contains a wrapper component that wraps all blocks with shared variables and gives blocks the ability to behave as a section.


This file contains global settings for the project. It must contain namespace and background keys. Everything else is optional. You can store data here that you intend to share across toolbars, components and blocks.


"namespace": "eightshift-boilerplate", // Required.
"background": "#900000", // Required.
"maxCols": 12, // Optional.
"colors": { // Optional.
"primary": {
"name": "primary",
"color": "#C3151B"
"black": {
"name": "black",
"color": "#000000"
"white": {
"name": "white",
"color": "#FFFFFF"