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Components helper is located in Eightshift Libs. To extend it, use Eightshift_Libs\Helpers\Components class.

We have created this simple helper that you can use in any PHP class as a static helper. To see all of the components helpers go here.


Makes sure the output is a string. Useful for converting an array of components into a string.

  • @param array|string $variable Variable we need to convert into a string.
  • @return string


Converts an array of classes into a string which can be echoed.

  • @param array $classes Array of classes.
  • @return string


Renders components and (optionally) passes some attributes to it.

Note about "parentClass" attribute: If provided, the component will be wrapped with a parent BEM selector. For example, if $attributes['parentClass'] === 'header' and $component === 'logo' are set, the component will be wrapped with a <div class="header__logo"></div>

  • @param string $component Component's name or full path (ending with .php).
  • @param array $attributes Array of attributes that are implicitly passed to the component.
  • @return string