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For years we have collected a list of useful SASS mixins, functions, and all other stuff that you can use in a project. You don't need to have all this in your project; check out our documentation and import it from Eightshift Frontend Libs.

Visit SassDocs for more details.

Default usage

Sass mixing, functions, helpers are located in node_modules/@eighshift/frontent-libs/styles/scss/eightshift-frontend-libs.scss file. If you are using our webpack build then you are all set, and you can use it by importing it to your project like this:

@import 'EighshiftFrontendLibs';

Not using Webpack Build

To be able to use EighshiftFrontendLibs as a shorthand, we have provided and alias in our webpack build under the resolve object key.

If you don't use our full build for some reason and want only to use Eightshift Frontend Libs you can provide this in your webpack build:

resolve: {
alias: {
EighshiftFrontendLibs: path.resolve('node_modules', '@eightshift', 'frontend-libs', 'styles', 'scss', 'eightshift-frontend-libs.scss'),

and then importing it like this:

@import 'EighshiftFrontendLibs';

or you can import it directly like this, but be careful where your node_modules folder is located:

@import 'node_modules/@eightshift/frontend-libs/styles/scss/eightshift-frontend-libs.scss';