Virtual Postmail

Your paper mail now lives in the cloud

Client Virtual Postmail
Services Content, Design, Development
Year 2019

The team behind Virtual Postmail has an ambitious endeavor—to set you free from the constraints of physical mail. They will scan your bills and letters and send them directly to your online inbox.

Virtual Postmail is a lifesaver for remote workers, digital nomads, travelers, small business owners, or just about anyone who doesn’t have the time to check their mailbox. Are you ready to jump on the digital mail bandwagon?

Physical mailbox with no restrictions

The main design goals were moving away from the corporate look and making the interface simpler and friendlier.

Thus came the motif of a happy envelope with wings, designed in a lightweight, icon-like manner. The logo works in small sizes and looks fly animated.

Every icon has a blue lining

Cash a cheque, shred mail, or send over a physical copy? Intuitive iconography looks good and does an even better job guiding users.

Clean design for your clean mailbox

The UX, consistent across the website and the app, features a varied set of scalable, reusable, and pleasant-to-the-eye components.

User interface light as a cloud

How to reflect the brand’s personality in the user interface? Simple—overlay a light blue background and a pinch of clouds with a distinctive visual hierarchy.

A breath of fresh air

A set of charming illustrations breathes life into the user interface.

Floating on cloud nine

Happy users mean happy clients, and we wouldn’t settle for less.