Road maintenance machines that go the extra mile

Client Rasco
Services Research, Design, Development
Year 2017

Rasco—the producer and distributor of traffic infrastructure maintenance machinery, present in over 30 markets across Europe, North America, and North Asia—entrusted us with the creation of a multilingual website that would give them global exposure.

Just like the company’s foundations, the website we created is based on four principles—simplicity, safety, durability and efficiency. The client asked for a turnkey solution, and we chose WordPress due to its ease of use and flexibility.

Mapping out the road ahead

The client wanted to showcase a wide range of information and products. Before tackling any details, we delivered a complex solution made simple, presented in high-definition wireframes.

Intuitive navigation and discovery

The rich-media portal prioritizes product discovery. Photos do no justice to how mighty these machines are, but we did our best to portray them in their full glory. Ploughing, mowing and landscaping never looked so good.

Worldwide distribution

The client operates a wide distribution network, making their products readily available throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. That’s why we delivered a dedicated section with all the necessary distributor info.

Find your product

Finding an appropriate machine is a no-brainer with intuitive search, filter and category selection. Your childhood dream truck is a click away.

Supercharged WordPress

We chose WordPress because of its versatility and ease of use. The new Rasco web is a multisite project, and the client wanted to maintain everything within one CMS. WordPress checked all the boxes.


The history of Rasco shaped the company it is today. They wanted to share their journey and heritage, so we came up with an interactive slideshow. Years went by, but their focus on premium quality remained unchanged.

We swept the streets

Was the redesign a success? Let the numbers talk.

35 000
Unique users
An increase of over 20% versus
the period before the launch.
Multilingual support makes the website
more accessible to different markets.