Plava Laguna

Finding the perfect holiday destination starts here

Client Plava Laguna
Services Research, Design
Year 2018

The first stop on the way to your holiday destination is the booking website. We wanted users to start visualizing their vacation from the moment they landed on the redesigned website of Plava Laguna.

But why stop at visualizing? With an efficient booking system at hand and special offers just around the corner, your dream holiday becomes a reality.

Diving into the holiday offer

Great service is the foundation of success in the hospitality industry, and providing it should begin at the first point of contact. In order to create the optimal user experience, we mapped out the process of browsing and booking holiday packages.

Efficient user interface, hassle-free booking

What you see is what you get

Attractive colorful visual components easily capture website visitors’ attention. These components can be reused for package deals, exclusive offers, and other promotions.

Book on mobile, then put the phone away

For many users, the smartphone is the go-to device for browsing and purchasing online. Booking a trip on the small screen is just as user-friendly as on desktop.

Pink your vacation dates carefully

The playful pink color on the selectors and buttons is a stark visual clue for picking a date range or confirming a booking. The card design adds simplicity and elegance.

The symbols of relaxation

Not all guests speak the same language, but most of them understand the universal language of imagery. Therefore, a set of custom icons was created to complement web content.